After commissioning, the prepared product or, according to the customer’s request, the whole homogeneous pallet is delivered to the address indicated in the order, primarily by bulk shipping.

The point of this is that any small goods can be delivered to the desired destination at a favourable price. The cost is significantly lower but the delivery time is longer than shipping to the direct shipping address.


Depending on the volume of goods to be shipped, it provides a flexible and cost-effective transport solution.

It can be avoided to load the full cargo of the truck or container.

Thanks to our worldwide affiliate system, you can be sure that your shipment will be safely delivered.

Depending on the delivery address, our services are completed with standard vehicle or with a vehicle fitted with a platform lift.

Vehicles fitted with a platform lift enable goods to be unloaded at destinations where forklift truck is not provided. Depending on the transport demand, transport is performed with vehicles of different sizes (12t and 18t), but the possibility is offered to transport even FTL (24t total weight).