The satisfaction of our partners is important to us, thus we can meet any storage requirements in our warehouse.


As its name implies, it has narrow aisles (about 1.8 metres) in which a swivelling forklift truck is driven. It is capable of performing removal and entry on the left side of the corridor or on the right side of the corridor.

The advantage of the system is that it makes it possible to store more goods in the same floor space and not to lose the possibility provided by the system that we can have access to each pallet individually. Levels can be easily moved according to the products to be stored.

This solution is primarily designed for easy handling of slow-moving goods stored on pallets.


With the conventional pallet racking, any goods can be made immediately available. The FIFO principle may apply, but the sequence of removal and entry can be freely varied. It is a convenient system even with relatively high material turnover.

The system can be used with any truck. The system can be flexibly customized to the characteristics and features of a particular building, furthermore, the storage levels can be modified relatively easily.

With our double racks established in our warehouse, the racks can be approached from one side, which does not mean losing the benefits described above.

Our racking system also allows handling of pallets with a significant weight (1.3 tons).


Racks with arms allow storage of filament materials. The FIFO principle can be applied because we can easily have access to any stack. When preparing and storing pipes, profiles or long, bulky goods, the quick compatibility of the storage system is an advantage that pays off in everyday use.

It shall be available with both manual and machine loading. Materials of almost any length can easily be stored on it.


In case of bulk storage, the pallets are not placed on racks, but directly on the top of each other, depending on the features of the product, typically 2-5 pallets high.

This makes it easy to handle fast-moving whole stacks without damaging the goods.