Commissioning means the process of collecting and sorting the goods stored in our warehouse according to specific orders.

The process begins with the takeover of the order and ends with the assembling of the goods collected per order.


Orders are related to several types of goods or commodities, the quantities required for each type of goods are different and the storage units must be broken down.

Orders relate to several types of goods, their quantity is the integer value multiple of the unit of storage, and the breakdown of storage units is exceptional.

Commissioning is most closely related to the supply function of the warehouse, so the quality of the completion of the process basically determines the quality of the warehouse towards the customer.

In spite of the results of mechanization and automation, commissioning requires most of the labour effort, although efficiency can be increased through the widespread use of computing techniques.

The barcode-based warehouse management system and our experienced warehouse staff guarantee that commissioning, one of the warehouse tasks requiring the most labour, is done professionally and on time, which typically means service within 24 hours.