The important questions are often hidden in the details. This is the case with logistics, as well: To make logistics of the products in storage complete, we provide a number of supplementary services.


The prepared packages, commissioned pallets are provided with all the information necessary for identification.


We will repair the inappropriate packaging to make it suitable for further shipment of the product.

We also do the packaging necessary for commissioning: in boxes of individual sizes or pallets, with strapping / shrink wrapping.


Delivery notes signed by the recipient will be returned to our partners within 48 hours.

Edi contact

Our warehouse management software is capable of interconnecting with other systems through an interface that makes it possible to manage records in a coordinated manner in our partners' system and in our own system.

Cash on delivery

If you request the cash on delivery of the product, we will support you, as well. Incoming cash receipts are checked and deposited on our partners' accounts as often as required.